Element Church exists to ignite passion in the souls of its people, to deepen the affection towards our God, and to awaken into action the movement of the church.

Element Church was founded in 2008 by a group of 20-somethings who were searching for a church experience that could somehow be rid of the religious hypocrisy, complex politics, and over-spending that characterized the church backgrounds that we had come from. We called Element "a church for people who don't go to church, because we strive to BE the church", and we dreamed of a place where an intimate family of truth-seekers could somehow figure out a thing or two about the heart of the God who was drawing us together. 

Well... a few years, a lot of kids, and a whole gambit of both beautiful and painful experiences later ... we are still Element, and we are still committed to the same vision that God gave us when it all began. Through the past several years of pursuing this truth and building this family, we have discovered that we probably know even less than we thought we did when we started... we probably aren't nearly as impactful or community-changing as we might have hoped... we probably have more still to learn about trust and wisdom and intimacy with God than we could ever hope to figure out. AND YET... we have been led by a most gracious God to a place where our hearts are in constant pursuit of His. And we invite anyone - whether you are burned out on religion or whether this is your very first church experience - to come and join us in this seeking. We have discovered a story that God is writing in our hearts - a story of hope and healing and refining and redemption - and we gladly extend an invitation for you to explore what part of this story God may have written just for you.

We are led by 4 Core Values:

We live in the uncomplicated essentials of loving God and loving each other.

That we would leave this world, this city, and each other better than we found them.

That we would be generous people who share our resources, our prayers, our time, and our stories with each other.

We take responsibility, all of us together, of our assignment to be the church.


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