New series starts this week!

Hello Element!

This Sunday we will dive into a new series that we're calling Still. It's going to be about stillness, solitude and silence. Sound exciting? I thought so! 

But seriously, this series is going to be an important and necessary look into the ways we engage God - or maybe more accurately, how we allow God to engage us in the quiet. What does it look like to step into that place of being present in His presence? And how do we do it again and again? And as we do this, how might it transform us in new and deeper ways?

Although we will look at some practical ways to do this, these practices are just tools. Tools that we can pick up and use to find God in the stillness. Rest assured, this discussion will be more about being over doing. Author Ruth Haley Barton suggests that being is something that is beyond human effort, and thatlistening is something that is beyond human thought. This is what we mean when we talk about stillness.Being with God in that space, beyond the striving of actions and the limits of language.

And what better way to sit in the truth of our Belovedness? I mean, just look at that word - Beloved. BeLoved. It's that simple. But just because it's simple doesn't mean that it's easy. It's a brave frontier that may not seem appealing to everyone. But I believe that we are called to do this. To be this. And as we learn these truths, we will join a long line of Christ-followers over the centuries who have discovered the transformational power of resting and being still in God's presence. And as always, we'll learn it together. See you at the warehouse!

You are loved,


Posted on April 13, 2018 .