The Discipline of Freedom

Hi Element!

Pastor Melody sent me a quote from a poem by Ted Loder this week. (She also posted it on Facebook, but knowing that I spend a minimal amount of time there, she kindly sent it to me.) Anyway, it was beautiful, and one line in particular stood out to me:

"Release me from my victim's cramp to the discipline of freedom..."

The discipline of freedom. Yes! Sometimes, someone writes a line that is so perfect and so cogent that it lands squarely in the place of your soul that can only respond with an AMEN. That is, if you were raised in the Bible belt like me!

This is my hope for us. For all who claim Christ's name as their own. That we would go about faithfully embodying the freedom we have in Him. What could freedom really look like today, when the shameful voices of "not enough" or "too much" are insidiously whispered at our hearts? What could freedom look like today, when the same old claws of temptation grope at our will? What could it look like when our compulsions to numb out or hold a grudge or silently judge drive us mercilessly like an ox at the plow?

We are free, dear friends! Free from shame, guilt, sin, and selfishness. Let us practice the discipline of freedom. Choosing to live like that is choosing to live in the Way of Jesus. Choosing to live like that will preach the gospel by embodying the gospel. Be encouraged, Element! I'll see you Sunday, and remember...

You are loved,


Posted on October 3, 2019 .