Grace in the Transitions

Hi there, Element family!

Well, here we are, transitioning once again. School is in session! Though the heat and humidity will linger on, those summer vibes are winding down (for those of us who teach or have school-aged kids anyway).

This year, we have a lot on our collective plate in the NeSmith family. Erin is back in the classroom, our nonprofit is going strong, and dance and baseball for the kids are in full swing. I'm kind of tired just after typing that sentence! These major transitions are enough to be a little overwhelming, if I'm not careful. When things get busy, my lesser self has a tendency to look out into the future in light of the current overwhelm and forecast how difficult things might be down the stretch. I usually am trying to ensure that I can properly budget my emotional and physical energy for the demands ahead.

But I've learned something in that type of striving over the years...something that I'm still learning, to be sure. I've learned that my forecasting is often times a little more dismal than the reality. I've learned that when I look ahead through the lens of fear of scarcity, of course things appear that way! But when I remember that big transitions require grace, patience, and positivity, I can stay right here in the moment. I can find empathy for others and even myself. I return to being a pretty good team player. I can hold onto the redemptive optimism that Jesus brings into my everyday circumstances. I am free to hope and free to find my joy again.

So, dear family, I am praying for grace in the transitions. For us to allow ourselves to be held in the moment, where life is really lived, in the freedom to hope and the freedom to find joy. If there is any way your pastoral team or elders can serve you, please don't hesitate to ask. After all...

You are loved,


Posted on August 16, 2019 .