Capsules and Caves

Hello Element,

Last week we stayed over on the east coast while my son Killian went to Space Camp at Cape Canaveral. On the last day, we were all able to go there and experience the facility and the attractions at the visitor's center. I really enjoyed the Rocket Garden, though at the time I was melting under that Florida summer sun! This is where they display full scale rockets or replicas of rockets from the space program's history.

The thing that impressed me the most was the size...but not how you think. Of course, some of the rockets are pretty large. But I'm talking about how small the capsules are that housed the astronauts at the tip of the rockets. I imagined the astronauts of yesteryear cramming themselves into these small capsules, with not even enough room to stretch their legs. I learned that they usually had to sit it the capsules for hours before a launch. Some of them would orbit for two weeks or so in those cramped, dark capsules without the ability to even stand up. But one day, almost exactly 50 years ago this month, two guys named Neil and Buzz got to leave their capsule and stretch their legs - on the moon!

I suppose that a birth metaphor is probably not lost on you here, and the Bible does use that comparison a few times when speaking of the hard work of waiting in the tension, pain, discomfort, and hardship of our lives. That sounds not unlike those capsules to me. Those spaces in our lives that we feel like are too cramped, too constricting, and definitely scary. Kind of like a cave. The places of waiting, where we don't feel free. I'm writing to you today to remind us to stay patient. To know that those places are temporary. To ask you to consider if what feels like a cave is actually more of a womb. To know that those small spaces are preparing you for the moment that you, like Neil and Buzz, get to step out into a miracle. Redemption says it will be so.

I love watching, waiting, and working for the Redemption that is to come with all of you. I am very much looking forward to gathering with you on Sunday. Brett, one of our elders, will continue in our Character series by discussing everyone's favorite Old Testament superhero: Samson. It's going to be beautiful, so don't miss it! And remember...

You are loved,


Posted on July 13, 2019 .