Baptism This Sunday!

Hello dear Element,

This Sunday we will do baptism immediately following the gathering! As is our custom, we will fill up our horse trough with the garden hose in the parking lot, next to the shipping container and magnolia trees. In the words of one of our e-kids, Beth Ann: "We're not fancy, but we get the job done!"

I invite you to come and gather tomorrow. Come expectantly. Come believing that God will speak and move and comfort and challenge. Come to give and receive. Come to worship and fellowship. And come to witness the declaration of several of our young Elementers through baptism that they have chosen The Way. Celebrate with them as they declare in the assembly that they love Jesus and will follow him for all of their days. Witness as the old life is symbolically dead and buried under the water, and a new life, defined by His love and forgiveness, is raised up from the grave.

In 2019, in a postmodern culture heading in a post-Christian direction...we still gather. We still assemble, face to face, in a concrete warehouse in east Tampa, FL. We still gather like the first church did: teaching, singing, learning, serving, baptizing. We are followers of Jesus. Together. Gather with us one more time tomorrow, dear church, and bear witness to the beauty of the baptism of a few more precious souls. And remember, now more than ever...

You are loved,


Posted on September 14, 2019 .