You Are Invited...

You are invited.

Come, and celebrate the eleven years of Element.
There is so much to be grateful for. Every seed we planted, every tear we shed, every sacrifice we made, every victory we celebrated, every silly video and broken prayer, every scrubbed toilet and fierce battle. Every message. Every hug. Every dream. Every meeting. Every heartbreak. Every house church. Every hello and every goodbye. It matters. This story is part of the One True Narrative of Redemption, and it is worth celebrating.

Come, and engage in authentic community.
This way of life is uncommon. The sharing of our stories and our resources, of our hurts and our hopes, of time and space and grace is a gift beyond description. This community is a safe place to flourish and a safe place to fall apart. It is a healthy place run fiercely after Jesus and and a healthy place to bring every question and doubt and fear. In this community, we experience the continued work of Christ, in a real and raw and authentic way.

Come, and lift your eyes to the future.
There is wholeness on the horizon, church. Always and ever on the horizon. Let us see it, let us move towards it, let us participate in it. As we watch and wait for the morning, let us be peacemakers who choose the Jesus way with every part of our hearts.

On Sunday, we will sing and celebrate. We will laugh and cry. We will be surrounded with gratitude and community and hope as we set off on another beautiful year of becoming together.

Posted on September 21, 2019 .