With gratitude for a beautiful year...

It was so wonderful to celebrate our 11th birthday last Sunday! So many beautiful things shared and remembered and planned for together. I am so humbled to be a part of this beautiful, authentic community of Jesus followers and I want to extend our celebrations for one more week because, as Bobby Triplett always says, “What gets celebrated gets repeated”; and Element, you have a lot of wonderful things to celebrate from this past year!
In the past year, you have:

  • Gifted clothing, diapers, formula, toys, and other items to over 25 fostering families and their foster children. A volunteer has either prayed with or for each family who came with a need.

  • Provided life coaching for aged out foster teens by supporting Grow Into You Foundation with a monthly donation

  • Provided supplies for Thanksgiving meals for 3 local foster group homes

  • Assisted in sending four foster care teens to Disney world!

  • Supported Oak House, a home for young men who have aged out of the foster care system, by:

    • providing finances for work and supplies needed in the house

    • participating in work days that included yard work, painting, trash removal, and more

    • donating food, supplies and cooked meals

    • volunteering as mentors for the boys

    • providing rides to and from school and work

  • Partnered with New Life Village, a community of families who foster and adopt, by

    • donating back packs full of school supplies

    • donating hundreds of filled Easter eggs for their celebration

    • sharing tables and chairs and supplies for many community events they hold

    • hosting a parent’s night out for their families

  • Supported Royal Family Kids camp, a camp for kids in foster care, with volunteers, gifts, supplies, warehouse usage, and finances

  • Sponsored and ran Teen Reach Adventure Camp, a summer camp for teens in foster care, where more than 30 teens had a chance to worship God, hear the truth about God’s love for them, participate in new adventures, overcome personal obstacles, and experience a sense of belonging and unconditional love.

  • Hosted a movie night fundraiser for Tampa Kids Camp

  • Hosted and ran a theater camp for our own kids and kids in the community, where they were empowered to flourish in their talents and build relationships with God and each other

  • Financially assisted families and individuals with costs for counseling and financial coaching

  • Partnered with Manna on Wheels to provide many boxes of food to families in need

  • Partnered financially with the Florida Baptist Association in many outreaches across the state of Florida.

  • Donated school supplies to local elementary schools

  • Shared donations of uniforms and clothing with local elementary schools to pass out to families in need

  • Built fences and did yard work for Element family members

  • Responded to many benevolence requests with generosity towards rent, electric bills, medication costs, car repairs and more

  • Financially supported V3, a community group of local pastors who gather to lean on each other in prayer and fellowship for the betterment of our city

  • Provided grocery gift cards for 6 families in need

  • Coordinated and donated meals to families in need

  • Supported the continued work of Emerge Church by faithfully stewarding and sharing our space and resources

  • Financially, prayerfully, and practically supported Preservation Church as a church plant who meets in our warehouse on Sunday nights

  • Supported several other prayer and Bible study ministries by offering discounted meeting space

  • Donated a giant carload of supplies to Agape Flights for disaster relief in the Bahamas

  • Baptized 11 people!

 It is my privilege to have a front row seat to all the hospitality, care, benevolence, generosity and love that is poured out from this small community.  We may be small in number, but with God we are mighty and we are building his kingdom here, one beautiful act of generosity after another. So, I celebrate you, Element, for all the ways that you love like Jesus and pour out His goodness from your own hearts and lives!
With a full heart,

Hannah Radebaugh

Posted on September 26, 2019 .